PCR (Premier Captioning & Realtime) Ltd

PCR (Premier Captioning & Realtime) Ltd


PCR (Premier Captioning & Realtime) Ltd have been working throughout Ireland, providing speech-to-text communication support for the deaf/Deaf, h-o-h and English as second language communities, for a number of years now.


We support students in educational settings, through Primary, Secondary and Third Level. We firmly believe that all young people are entitled to experience the 'student lifestyle' and that is why we use remote CART/captioning wherever possible. All the student needs is a laptop with access to the internet (which most students already have, and the Access Office will often provide) and then they can participate in their classes along with the other students, the only difference being that they have every word that's said captured on their screen as written notes.


We provide a wide range of speech-to-text services for our clients, from live theatre captioning - not only to large theatres, but as we provide our own equipment, it means we can provide live captions for a school play or a local am-dram society just as easily as we can for a large-scale production; transcription of phone calls, both business & personal; live text for conferences & AGMS and also attending, live or remotely, to any meeting you request, medical to legal and anything in between; we also provide CART for clients in court cases. If you have a situation where you think you could benefit from speech-to-text transcription, please contact us.

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