Deaf TEams! Staying Home and Lovin it!!



The Stayin Home and Lovin It Team is a group of fellow parents who, like you, are looking for a better way
To provide for our families. We have gotten together from all over the United States, Canada and Australia
to work side by side in building a business that we can be proud of. Most of our Parents work from home. We
enjoy being able to work with our children in the same room or even, for some of us, on our laps. We are able
to play, teach and learn from our children. But most importantly, we are able to be there to kiss their boo-boos,
dry their tears and see that their every need is taken care of without having to rely on strangers or impose on
our families. We are very excited to tell you about our program and look forward to helping you get started
working from home. By learning about our opportunity, we hope to help you understand our system and how it ca

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