Ampetronic Ltd

Manufacturers of Induction Loops. Design & Quotation service. Specialising in low spill installs. Wales Millenium Centre, Tower of London, Coutrooms, conference centres, churches. We also specialise in equipment for use on the London Underground for help points & ticket counters. Induction loops for lifts and public transport are also available.All our products have a 5 year warranty.We have UK & International distributors and a recommened list of installers.


CAT scan technology the 3D IMAG Virtual Mummy experience in surround sound truly captivates the audience as it takes them back to ancient Egypt through the eyes of the Mummy.
To enhance the experience for the hearing impaired the British Museum needed a high fidelity assistive listening system suitable for the transient environment that was capable of handling separate programmes without cross-talk. Ampetronic’s low spill ™ technology was

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